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How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano

 In the event that you are moving to another spot, one of the difficult things will ship your piano. There are many trucking organizations that offer piano moving types of assistance. You want to work with experts like us in light of the fact that doing it without anyone's help could undoubtedly harm you or harm your piano.

Here are a few as often as possible posed inquiries about the amount it expenses to move a piano.

Factors Affecting the Piano Moving Cost

Proficient piano movers make a few contemplations while charging you for moving your piano. There are four principal factors that influence the expense of moving a piano. These incorporate the kind of piano, aspects and weight, the distance the piano needs to move, and capacity.

Kind of Piano

The kind of piano you have will influence the moving expense. Commonly, proficient piano movers charge moving a bigger piano will cost more. The state of the piano will likewise influence the way things will be moved.

Pianos with an abnormal shape find opportunity to dismantle prior to moving them. A few pianos likewise accompany various connections and parts that will influence the moving cost. An enormous piano with different parts will require exceptional hardware, which could influence the cost for transportation.

Aspects and Weight

A little upstanding piano takes less men to ship and in this manner costs less. Nonetheless, for a piano that weighs in excess of 1,000 pounds, more men and hardware will be utilized. For instance, shipping a fabulous piano can cost up to $1,000.


The distance the piano will be moved to will likewise influence the expense of moving it. Proficient piano movers use trucks with pressure driven lifts, slopes, and different rings to safeguard the piano while on travel. The expense for moving over a significant distance can cost somewhere in the range of $2 and $10 for each mile.

Then again, moving over a significant distance can cost between $450-$2,000.


At times, a piano might need to be put away for a brief time, which is now and then a free help. At times, you should pay a month to month charge to keep your piano in an environment controlled region. You may likewise need to pay for capacity in long haul temperature conditions.

How Is the Piano Shipping Cost Calculated?

Proficient movers compute the expense of moving a piano in light of various factors. These incorporate hourly rates, level rates, moving distance, and dismantling.

Hourly Rates

A few expert movers charge an hourly rate for their administrations. They incorporate variables like the movement expenses, the hardware utilized, the time used to move the piano, and the time used to dismantle the piano. For instance, a nearby move might require something like three hours.

Level Rate

Proficient piano movers charge a level rate for significant distance moving. The level rate incorporates move distance, snags, and piano sort. At times, the movers might charge a base pace of $50 to $100 in addition to moving expenses, obstructions, and travel charges.

Move Distance

 The length of the outing will influence the expense of moving a piano. Movers may likewise charge a difficulty expense in the event that you are shipping your piano through unpleasant landscape at beginning or objective location.

Fractional Disassembly

On the off chance that you have a great piano, the movers should dismantle it before they begin conveying it. This occupation costs extra. At times, you might need to pay extra expenses for eliminating the piano's music rack, legs, and pedal box.

The Additional Cost in Moving the Piano Overseas and Locally

An expert trucking organization will likewise charge an extra expense for moving a piano abroad and locally. These expenses incorporate crating, lifting, protection, crisis moving, and tuning.


In the event that your piano requires security, the piano movers will give a tweaked box to safe transportation. Crating costs between $800-$1000.

Heat-Treated Crating

There is likewise heat-treated crating for moving a significant piano over a significant distance. This shields the PC from dampness and temperature varieties.


In the event that your piano can't be traveled through lobbies or restricted sections, the expert movers should utilize exceptional gear. This assistance might cost something like $700.


Proficient piano movers give essential inclusion to free. In any case, any additional inclusion will cost more. For instance, you might have a charge of $15 extra per $1,000 of piano worth.

Crisis Moving

While moving a piano in a crisis, you might need to pay an extra expense. For last-minute moves, you might need to pay an additional charge of $300-$600 relying upon whether the move is neighborhood or highway.


Pianos should be re-tuned after they are moved. A portion of the explanations behind re-tuning remember undeniable vibrations and shocks for the street. They are likewise tuned due to varieties in stickiness and temperatures.

Gear Cost in Moving an Upright Piano

Piano movers utilized unique hardware while moving pianos through troublesome landscape. This influences the expense of moving the piano. A portion of the instruments for moving an upstanding piano incorporate a 4-wheel moving cart, a mound tie, and a locking piano belt.

The run of the mill gear charges are as per the following:

  • 4-wheel piano moving cart $35.
  • A piano pallet board-$160
  • A locking piano belt-$35

Hardware Cost for Moving a Grand Piano

The hardware used to move a great piano incorporates two locking piano belts, a mover's cushions, and a pallet board. The run of the mill hardware charges are as per the following:

  • Two locking piano belts-$35
  • Quality mover's cushions $30
  • A piano pallet board-$160

Last Thoughts

Moving a piano is definitely not a simple activity. You want to enroll the administrations of an expert moving help. Our specialists at Sunshine Movers handle difficulties moving various sorts of pianos with remarkable productivity. Contact us today for sensible rates and customized administrations.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano

 In the event that you are moving to another spot, one of the difficult things will ship your piano. There are many trucking organizations t...